Mutant Creatures

Mutant Creatures
Did you want more mobs in the game? Do you think Zombies and Creepers are tedious at best? Perhaps you want more of a challenge when traversing the landscape of your Minecraft world? Then get ready for Mutant Creatures mod which brings in several huge and devastating new mob types! Here are the current monsters in this mod: Mutant Zombie The Mutant Zombie is a hulking beast with massive attacks like earth shattering ground stomps, roaring attacks, throwing you high into the air like a ragdoll and others. It doesn’t burn in the daytime and it heals at night, so it’s advised to seek shelter when this beast is running around. During its defeat you MUST burn the body, otherwise it will revive itself and attack more! It rewards you with a Hammer weapon, which unleashes 64 uses of the earth shattering smash attack.

The Mutant Creeper is a terrifying and intensely devastating enemy that you have to be either a fool or a brave person to take on yourself. It has a bounding jump attack which annihilates the landscape as it lands, it spawns Creeper Minions to aid in its attacks, a charge attack and an elemental based lighting attack! The actual Elemental Mutant Creeper is much more powerful and brutal! The reward for killing this beast is a Minion Creeper Egg, which you can hatch to create your own Minion friend!

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Download - Mutant Creatures

All mods in the list blow are available in the Minecraft Modinstaller (click here)...
Alternatively we offer you mods here as a ZIP File you can install manually:
1.7.10 Forgenone
1.6.2 Forgenone
1.5.2 Forgenone

Installation Instructions (without Modinstaller)

Forge Mods

  1. Open the new launcher and make sure the version of Minecraft the mod requires is already installed.
  2. Download the Forge-Auto-Installer compatible to your Minecraft version
  3. Install the Minecraft Forge using the Auto-Installer
  4. Download the Mod "" in the right column Forge here
  5. Click "Edit Profile" in the Minecraft launcher, then open the game directory
  6. Extract the downloaded zip file directly in the first game directory folder
  7. Select the new profile "Forge" and the Minecraft version e.g. "1.7.10-Forge10.13..."
  8. Login and play as normal.

Modloader Mods

  1. Open the new launcher and make sure the version of Minecraft the mod requires is already installed.
  2. Click "Edit Profile" in the launcher, then open the game directory
  3. Go into the subfolder "versions".
  4. Rename the folder for the version you require to something else. In this example, rename "1.7.10" to "1.7.10_Mods".
  5. Open the "1.7.10_Mods" folder.
  6. Rename "1.7.10.jar" to "1.7.10_Mods.jar".
  7. Rename "1.7.10.json" to "1.7.10_Mods.json".
  8. Open "1.7.10_Mods.json" with a text editor and replace "id":"1.7.10" with "id":"1.7.10_Mods", save the file and close it.
  9. Open the class files from the mod with an archiver (7-Zip) and copy-paste the files into 1.7.10_Mods.jar. Do not close the archiver yet.
  10. Delete META-INF and close the archiver.
  11. Start the Minecraft launcher.
  12. Click on "Edit Profile"
  13. In "Use Version", select "1.7.10_Mods".
  14. Click Save Profile.
  15. Login and play as normal.
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