Why cannot the Installer connect to the Internet?
If an error message appears that the program cannot access the Internet, control that Windows system tray (at the lower right) indicates that a connection to the Internet is established.
If you are connected to the Internet and a message appears while starting the installer, it is possible that a virus protection program denies Java the access to the Internet. Please disable the anti-virus program for the time you install mods in this case.
If you use Windows 8, please turn off the Windows firewall. If you have installed an anti-virus program (except for the Windows firewall). We recommend the permanent deactivation of the Windows Firewall, because many anti-virus programs do not use the Windows Firewall and harmonize these also control the network connections.

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How can I switch to another Minecraft version?
In order to switch to another Minecraft version, you have to install the Minecraft version with the Minecraft Launcher first.

  1. Exit the Modinstaller and Minecraft
  2. Start the Minecraft Launcher
  3. Click at lower left on "Edit Profile"
  4. Please choose "Use version" "release X.X.X" (e.g. "release 1.7.10") in the Profile Editor ("Version Selection")
  5. Save your change by clicking on "Save Profile" (at lower right)
  6. Click on "Play" and WAIT until Minecraft has downloaded all required files and has started completely
  7. Close Minecraft again

When Minecraft has installed the new version, just start the Modinstaller. Than you will be asked, which Minecraft version you would like to modify. Choose the Minecraft version you have installed recently. The Modinstaller recommends some mods that are compatible with the new version. Often you will find more mods in the Forge mode.
In addition you will be able to switch to other Minecraft versions (on condition you have installed them already), if you click top right on the dropdown list on the Installers┬┤ main menu. The Installer only offers Mods for Minecraft versions that are available on your pc and our servers.
For which versions of Minecraft is the Installer made?
You can use the Installer for the latest version of Minecraft 1.8.
Furthermore, the program also supports the older Minecraft versions 1.7.10, 1.7.2, 1.6.4 and 1.5.2 (only compatible with the latest launcher).
For older versions please download one of our previsions versions (1.5.1, 1.5, 1.4.7, 1.4.6, 1.4.2, 1.4.4 and 1.4.5).
What system requirements do I need?
The installer, you can also easily start with a slower computer. However, you need to install the latest Java program that you can download for free (click here). With the beta version you can also test the Modinstaller recently on Linux and Mac OS. Here are the minimum system requirements in detail:

Windows XP or higher / Mac / Linux
Processor Pentium 2 266 MHz or faster,
128 MB RAM or more,
Java 6 Update 41

How can I uninstall the Modinstaller?
- Push Windows + "r" (or start menu; click on "Run")
- Put "%appdata%" in the text field and push Enter (or click at OK)
- Delete the folder "Modinstaller"
What does the warning at Windows before the start mean?
This message indicates only that we have not been identified and certified by Microsoft. We cannot afford a certification due to our small budget. So you can safely just click on "Run". If you still do not trust us, you convince yourself on Virustotal.
Why are there so few mods for my Minecraft version?
It's easy. There are none.

If Mojang, the developer company of Minecraft, publishes a new Minecraft version, all mod developers have to adapt mods to the new published version. That could take some time. This is the reason why only a few mods are available on the latest Minecraft versions. Moreover a lot of mods need the modloader "Forge API"

We suggest playing older versions (e.g. Minecraft 1.7.10), if you would like to live in the paradise of mods.
What should I consider when importing mods?
First you have to download the mod files from the Internet and to inform you whether the mod requires Forge or other Modloaders (e.g. Risugnamis Modloader).

Only for mods with or without Modloader (e.g. Risugnamis Modloader):
Unzip the downloaded files into an empty, newly created folder of your choice. Then click in the Modloader mode at the button "Import mods", enter the name of the mod and choose by clicking on "Add" the folder with the extracted files (DO NOT choose single files!).
Tip: If you double click on the added list item you will open the folder (using Windows Explorer) with all the files that are to be packed into the minecraft.jar.

Only for Forge mods:
First inform yourself, where the files have to be copied (the readme.txt in the zip file often helps you). Please switch to the Forge mode and click on "Import mods". Enter the name of the mod and click on "Add". You will be asked beforehand where the files are to be copied (mostly it is the mods folder). Now add the JAR or ZIP files (in contact to the Modloader import progress, please add only folders, if a subfolder [e.g. .minecraft/mods/myFolder] must be created).

Click on "Close", if you have added all of the files and/or folders. You can edit an imported mod again by clicking double on the + sign. Then click, when all the windows are closed, on "Install". Ready!

How can I uninstall mods at the Modinstaller?
Open the Modinstaller and put the mods of the right list (here are listed all installed mods and mods you want to install) into the left list. All the mods you put in the left list will be uninstalled at the next installation. If you want to restore Minecraft without any installed mods, click the red arrow once after you put all mods at the left list in order to click at the "Install" button. There is no installing of new mods and Minecraft is restored in the original state.
What should I do if Minecraft does not boot (black screen)?
If Minecraft does not work due to incompatible, discordant mods or not matching Minecraft versions and Minecraft starts with a bug report or a black screen, you're right.

There are 4 methods to get Minecraft running again:
  1. Open the Modinstaller, choose the Minecraft version you have selected before and drag all the mods displayed in the right list into the left list. All mods you have removed from the right list are uninstalled in the next installation process. Now you can try again with other mods (try only a few, because some are not compatible with others). If you want to restore Minecraft without any mods, just click the red arrow back one more time so that you click on the Install button. Consequently no mods are installed more and Minecraft will be restored to the original state.
  2. The easiest way is if you start the Installer again open it and click the "Restore" button (mouse over the green with curved arrow) on the start window. Now, the state has been restored before the last installation. Please press the "Restore" button after each failed version to the Minecraft Modder not installed into an already broken file your mods and creates a false sense of security copy.
  3. If Minecraft is still not working, run the Minecraft Launcher and click on "Options" and then on "Force Update". Sign up with has to be the launcher and wait until Minecraft regenerates itself.
  4. If Minecraft does not start nevertheless press the Windows key + "R", type "% appdata%" and hit Enter. Then delete the folder ".minecraft", please. Minecraft now start with the launcher. Unfortunately you will lose all your saved game-plays by using this method.
How do I check the installation of Minecraft?
Open the Minecraft folder first...
  • Press Windows key + "r"
  • Put %appdata% in the field + Enter key (or click on OK)
  • Double-click on the folder .minecraft

For Minecraft 1.6 or later...
  • Double-click on the folder versions
  • Here you can find several folders that were named after the installed Minecraft versions (e.g. 1.6.2 )
  • In each folder there have to be at least 2 files:
    • A JAR file (previsions: minecraft.jar, today [e.g. 1.6.2.jar]), that contains the CLASS files for the game
    • A JSON file, that contains the settings of the Minecraft version

For Minecraft 1.5.2 or older...
  • Double-click on the folder bin
  • There you will find the file "minecraft.jar" (the mods are installed in this zip archive)

If any of the files listed above is not available, delete the .minecraft folder completely and run Minecraft with the launcher again. Warning: Your Scores will be lost.
Where are the installed mods of the Modinstaller?
All the mods you have installed with the Modinstaller you can find if you start the profile "Modinstaller" in the Minecraft launcher. All other profiles will not have any mods. We did this because you are able to do a restore Minecraft easier if there is an installation error. The Modinstaller does not change the original files but it copies them into a new profile called "Modinstaller" and adds all the mods you have chosen.
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