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1. Choose Minecraft

We offer you mods for
all Minecraft versions.
You have the choice!
All Minecraft versions are installed automatically,
if they are not already installed.

Without Internet connection you can import mods for installed Minecraft versions only.

2. Find your mods

Find your favourite mods with the mod search. Enter e.g. "Itmes" and matching mods are shown.

Click on a list item to learn more about the mod. You can install Forge or Modloader Mods with the tab above. The Minecraft version you can change with a click on it later.

An English, detailed description with pictures, valuations, links to YouTube and to the mod developer helps you with your choice.

Admire all mods in the FULL HD gallery (click on the mod picture).

3. Selection of Mods

Install several mods at once by shifting the mods into the right list.

Installation: Click on the right plus-arrow or a double click on the mod of the left list
Uninstalling: Click on the left minus-arrow or a double click on the mod of the right list

The green-red bar under the right list shows you the probability if the selected mod combination will work.

To import mods drag the JAR or ZIP file into the right list. You get some infos about the mod.

Restore the last installation of mods easily (Restore button).

4. Intuitive Installation

All selected mods, Minecraft versions and libraries are downloaded automatically and installed immediately.

Start Minecraft with the profile and the Minecraft version "Modinstaller" subsequently.
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Win, Mac, Linux

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